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Hospitality Management

Eventmanager or Productionmanager

Our Hospitality Lady provides a vital function! She holds a 'helicopter view' and jumps in where ever needed. She keeps an eye on the application of business etiquette and monitors the stylish character of your event. She takes some of your work of your hands. You can not be everywhere at once.
She has contact with the client, guests, location and catering.

She checks the catering if they work according HACCP, Social Hygiene and the Working Conditions Act. Checks clothes of the temporary staff. Check-in, with or without help from Hostesses, the suppliers, crew and artists.
The Event Manager, also known as Production Manager, wants to know all your wishes. Therefore we like to be involved in the preliminary stages so that we, the Event Manager, know well the purpose of the event you have in mind.

Eventmanagers Ilse & Ilse Hospitality Ladies & Managers

To request a free quote please email us at of call 0186-694555. You can also use the contactform. A fast and accurate respons is part of our mission.

Hospitality Manager

Our Hospitality Lady provides a key function between your organisation staff and temporary facility-, communications, registration or congress staff.
When several suppliers/employees it is not convenient for you to continuously receive questions concerning non-content related stuff, check-in/checkout, clothing, breaks, smoking etc.
Our supervisor/ Hospitality Manager is happy to take care of this, communicates and monitors the job with the staff, motivates and works alongside them, but also gives feedback to your staff. The Hospitality Manager has a broad role. Therefore we like to be involved in the preliminary stages so that the Hospitality Manager, knows well the tasks you expect from her.

Are you planning an incentive to go abroad or foreign guests come over to The Netherlands to see your company, our Hospitality Manager can help you you and your guests with service-oriented tasks for a pleasant stay. She provides, for example, taxi bookings, check arrival and departure times, reserve dinner and escort the guests to their hotel, to your business, airport and excursions.

Hospitality Managers huren via Event and artists team

To request a free quote please email us at of call 0186-694555. You can also use the contactform. A fast and accurate respons is part of our mission.

Reference 2 Eventmanagers, 2 Piccolo's + complete party

"The Piccolo's welcomed the guests perfectly with their presence and showed themself well over the night. They guided Marilyn Monroe Look a Like at the entry of her act. Everyone was positive and found it very cozy. The photshoot with Arnold Schwarzenegger was a very attractive act. Prince as a DJ and his solo act was great. It fitted perfectly with our idea and the venue was also perfect. Many opportunities and plenty of space." Mikz Kinderopvang - locations nationwide.

Reference 2 Eventmanagers, 3 Hostesses + complete party

"My sincere compliments for the way you have been able to give us this party content with the amended quantitative situation! From arrival to farewell: everything fits to perfection! The mood was very good; everyone enjoyed themselves well and all components were appreciated. The percussion session and Piano Jam band formed the absolute highlights! On my special appreciation for your continuous presence; as internal organization, we have been able to behave entirely as a guest! It was a successful party, thanks to your constant effort." Ten Cate Fashioncompany.

Reference PLMA

"Ilse has worked since 2005 at our 'World of Private Label'beurs. In 2012 she became a supervisor.
at the registration counters there are many different languages spoken, English is the most prevalent. In this international environment Ilse speaks foreign languages without difficulty.
I know Ilse as someone to whom we can build. Someone who says what she does and does what she says. Both friendly and proactive in its dealings with both customers and her colleagues. Managing the hostesses is very natural for her. Her positive attitude also makes it very pleasant to work with her."