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An event- and entertainment agency in the Hoeksche Waard (south of Rotterdam) but working national and international.

There are now 23 years of experience in the events and hospitality industry based on the success of Fun & Party Match. After high school, our owner Ilse studied Hospitality & Communications Management. Our owner has been in the event industry since 1996.

Modeling and Internships

During her the study she did modeling, hostess and event producer internships at the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Feijenoord, World on Ice, BNN, Heineken and Ordina Tennis tournaments, the 'Circus' customer event of Eneco, Benefit concert of José Carreras and was a member of the The Hague Promotion Team.

As a final internship she worked at a renowned event agency where she was ultimately responsible for all aspects of a major event. Like marketing, promotion, leading staff, responsible for decoration, design plan, finding sponsors, contacting artists etc.

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