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By Fun & Party Match
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Raise the standards in the hospitality industry, your event, your company or your tradeshow booth to a higher level. The service-oriented ladies from Fun & Party Match are hard-working, proactive professionals with a background in the hospitality and event industry.

Hospitality needs to be in your veins. Our Ladies have this naturally.
Since 1999 we provide hospitality services throughout the Netherlands. Every assignment is picked up with great attention and passion for the profession and carried out for you.

They work according to the rules of etiquette and apply them to your formal and informal events. International guests regularly have to deal with our Dutch cultural differences. Our Ladies try to empathize with the guest and organization to provide a pleasant stay in the Netherlands with all courtesy for your guests.

Hospitality Ladies & Managers Hospitality Ladies & Managers

Etiquette rules rusty? They are practical for offical meetings to make these smooth, dignified and purposeful.

Hospitality Ladies & Management are specified in 3 kinds of services
Hospitality Management (eventmanager, partymanager, communication manager)
Organization Assistants (personal assistant, officemanager, organization assistant)

To request a free quote please email us at of call 0186-694555. You can also use the contactform. A fast and accurate respons is part of our mission.

Maya Angelou

"People forget what you said, they forget what you did, but they never forget the feeling you gave them."
World famous poet and activist Dr. Maya Angelou